This company was formed to provide a support facility for young new mothers to heal from trauma without the disruption of the bonding process that is crucial to the emotional wellbeing of their infants.

The program offers young mothers an opportunity to heal 

and transition from the program into community with a formal safety net that can support both the mother’s and the baby’s wellbeing.  This wellbeing is more than physical and focuses on true safety being comprised of ensuring there is an equal focus on someone’s emotional being as well as physical.

Stage 1 – Yellow – Eagle

Bonding and Physical Wellness is the focus of recovery and healing at this stage. Activities include a Healing Plan that includes bonding and physical care for both the mother and her baby.

Stage 2 – Red – Wolf

Mental Strength and Wellness – A time of making a plan to explore your ancestry and make connections back to the community for the purposes of knowledge and building a safety circle. Time for a connection to support.

Stage 3 – Black (Blue) – Bear

Emotional Strength and Healing. A time to begin exploring and learning vocational aspects, while keeping the yellow, red, and black quadrants equaled and balanced. Time for critical decision making about you and your baby.

Stage 4 – White – White Buffalo

Spiritual Wellness and Living in Balance. A plan for yourself and your child has come to fruition and you set out again on your own, but with 24-hour support available to you. By now, you have a large Safety Circle, your own home, and things are going well.

Mission Statement

Founded on a dream, ANEW Centre for Healing Ltd, is a place for bonding that is both healthy and safe for you and your baby.  We partner with respected local and nearby community support to allow mothers and babies time to strengthen their bond as well as their hopes for their futures. 

We value diversity in individuals and respect their need to make their own choices and are proud to hire staff that share these same values.  We exist to create opportunity for culture and connections to heal past trauma and lay a foundation for healthier futures.

It is our mission to provide our residents and our staff the unique opportunity to cooperatively run the facility together while focusing each day on building life and parenting skill through creative and innovative planning and practicing.